Welcome to IDPF NFT!

We are delighted to introduce the website of IDPF NFTa platform breakthrough that merges the art, the metaverse and the technology blockchain to provide you a unique experience both in the virtual world as in the physical.

IDPF NFT it is the heart of the International Fair Art Metaverse, where are exhibited the most outstanding works of renowned artists selected by the public. These works have been transformed into NFT (Tokens Non-Expendable), which gives them a unique value and non-transferable in the digital world.

Our exposure is not only limited to the metaverse: we are also proud to present a physical exhibition in El barrio's Artspace in New York, as part of the prestigious exhibition April In Color. This means that works that you admire in the metaverse are to be appreciated and enjoyed in the real world.

But IDPF NFT it goes beyond the mere display. We are committed to supporting the artists selected by the public. For this reason, we promote and market their NFT, allowing their creations to reach a global audience and generate income for them. When you purchase an NFT in IDPF, you're not only getting a piece of digital art only, but you're also supporting them directly to the artists and to be part of this exciting showcase of art.

Join us on IDPF NFT and immerse yourself in a universe where art, technology and community are woven together in an innovative way. It explores, collects and supports the art of the future today!

Artists NFT IDPF

Abigail Landin

Ying and Yang NFT

Alejandro Duran 

Savorizado NFT

Aleksandra Ogórkiewicz 

Empowerment NFT

Betty Younes

Serenade NFT

Carina Ianni

Energy NFT

Giovanna Pat Seville

Mermaid NFT

Guadalupe Alderete

Oseano NFT

Herian Dario Vilches

Universal Knowledge

Jose Luis Pena 

Nina NFT

Juan Carlos Barahona

Sunset NFT

Themselves Karime Yones

Sunset NFT

Leticia Marotta F

Afternoon in Paris

Manuel Heredia Vite

Relationships NFT

Maria Esther Zanatta

Bird of paradise

Monica Nolasco

To cover in Lidkoping

Patxi Lezama Perier

Sugar NFT

Raul Dominguez Serret

The return of Pau NFT

Sergio Omar Bossio

I and the universe NFT

Tathyana Aguilar

City of Archangels NFT

Thomas Poblete

Almond tree blossomed

Walter Campoverde

Space and Time

Veronica Padilla

Woman with aroma of coffee