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Call fort artists.






Call for Artists and writers: Exhibition Painting "April In Colors"

Attention artists of the city of New York and beyond!

Foundation Yessenia Torres, Cambass Gallery and Art New York Corporation, is pleased to announce the call for papers for our next exhibition, pictorial titled "April In Colors". This unique exhibition will take place on Saturday, April 06, celebrating the diversity and creativity in the world of art.

About the Exhibition:

"April In Colors" it is a celebration of art in all its forms, with a particular focus on the painting. This exhibition seeks to highlight the beauty of the spring and the vibrant energy of the month of April through a variety of works of art that encompasses different styles, techniques and subjects. From impressionist landscapes to portraits expressionist, this exhibition promises to provide a visually stimulating experience for all art lovers.

How To Participate:

Select the registration link on this page to register for the exhibition, physical and virtual. Fill out the form according to your requirements.

Physical exposure: El barrio's Artspace

Virtual exhibition: New York Virtual Cultural District in the Metaverse. (send a picture of your work by means of digital form)

Theme: Free

Registration deadline: April 01, 2024.

Mounting and signature act curatorial: April 05, 2024. (The artists must be with their works, ready to hang (Frame or frame), in the gallery's first floor at 8:00 AM to mounting and fitness spaces).

Date of the fair: April 06, 2024. 

The artist must be in the seat of Artspace to The Neighborhood the day April 05 ,2024 9:00 am (Friday) with his work physics. We will develop an assembly in conjunction with the curator and we will do the respective report curatorial  

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- Writers -

April in Colors Book Fair

A great opportunity for writers and lovers of the letters!
Participate in our Book Fair, April 06 where we would love to have your talent.
To participate is very simple, register on our registration link below.

Registration deadline: April 01, 2024.

The writers selected must be with their books (up to 10 copies) in the Barrio Art Space by the day, April 06 at 8:00 am in the gallery on the first floor to organize the space, you should also wear your advertising, in the case of banner, it must not exceed 24”x48”.

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