International Fair Art Metaverse 2023

The International Fair Art Metaverse 2023 invites you to take part in an exciting virtual exhibition of art and literature in a 3D environment within the metaverse.

Welcome to the International Fair Art Metaverse 2023 - 2024

This was an open call to all artists, digital artists, graphic designers, photographers, sculptors and writers of the world who want to showcase their works in a virtual environment 3D within the metaverse.
Today, we are here to honor and celebrate a select group of artists who have stood out for their originality, vision, and skill. These individuals have managed to captivate with their works and they have inspired us with your creativity.

We are excited to introduce you to the artists, writers, photographers, graphic designers and sculptors that have been selected to be a part of this exceptional event.
For us, it is a great honor to deliver the certificates to this great selection of international artists.
Certificate that accredits you as the Virtual Artists on the International Metaverse


We give a special certification for the outstanding work done and which certifies as the First Curator of International Virtual-To: 



We hereby certify to the following personalities as the first International Artists, Virtual Metaverse in the world.

  1. Adriana Bourgeois
  2. Adriana Maria Novello
  3. Adriana Silva Baudeyens
  4. Alejandra R Barneau.
  5. Alejandro Rafael Durán Aguilar
  6. Aleksandra Ogórkiewicz
  7. Amanda DeLuca Azerine
  8. Amelia Leonor Zara
  9. Andrea Garcia
  10. Andrea Machado
  11. Benjamin Swatez
  12. Berenice Soto
  13. Betty Younes
  14. Bety Gonzalez
  15. Bezeredy Melinda Barwanietz.
  16. Camila V Cordoba
  18. Carla Espinosa
  19. Carlos Garrido Chalen
  20. Carlos Gualo
  21. Carlos Pagan
  22. Cesar Augusto Rincon
  23. Clara Pechansky
  24. Clarice Panitz
  25. Claudia Marinsalta
  26. Claudia Sarce
  27. Cristina Ojeda
  28. Danny Arias
  29. Eduarte of Jesus Gamez Brock
  30. Elena Bresba
  31. Emilia Calderon de la Garza
  32. Ernesto Kahan
  33. Wake Minervino
  34. Etelvina Angle.
  35. Eva Rivers Rocha
  36. Felipe Drago
  37. Fernando Molina Acosta
  38. Fernando Ortiz
  39. Gabriela Roldán
  40. Gina Trejo Castañeda
  41. Giovanna Seville
  42. Gisela Bonenti
  43. Gladis Meneses Lesmes
  44. Graciela Brunskole
  45. Guadalupe Alderete
  46. Guillermo Romero
  47. Gustavo Wincalao
  48. Fairy Eliza Zurita Barona
  49. Hector D. Paez
  50. Hector Gualim
  51. Heriam Dario Alfonso Vilches
  52. Heriberto Lopez
  53. Heriberto Orozco Granados
  54. Ileana Collazo
  55. Inés Field
  56. Jaime Lémus
  57. Jena Love Kumar
  58. Jhony Vega
  59. Joaquin pinzon Knight
  60. Juan Carlos Barahona Ventura
  61. Juleo Calderon
  62. Themselves Karime Younes
  63. Larissa Oksman
  64. Leticia Marotta Ferrari
  65. Lydia Squarzanti
  66. Liliana Caroni
  67. Liliana Gallardo Vallino
  68. Liliana Saba
  69. Lucero, Marcela Emerald
  70. Luis Aresti
  71. Luis Castillo
  72. Luis Güicho
  73. Luis Moreno Sanchez
  74. Manuel Heredia Vite
  75. Manuela García Ruiz
  76. Marcela Fabiana Fernandez
  77. Maria Zanatta Ferreyros
  78. María Cristina Azcona
  79. María del Carmen Barrionuevo
  80. María del Carmen Solomon
  81. Mary Delia Lima
  82. Mary Magdalene Pizzio
  83. Maria Teresa Brun
  84. Mariana Sonia Navas
  85. Marianela Garay Baez
  86. Marianiela To Alessandroni
  87. Marielle Soto
  88. Marisa Aragón Willner
  89. Martha Quintanilla Velarde
  90. Maru Chest Logkopag
  91. Mercedes Silva
  92. Michael Werner
  93. Mirta Noemi Praino
  94. Mirtha Caffe
  95. Monica Catoira
  96. Monica Célis
  97. Monica Fabiola Nolasco Aguilar
  98. Monica Moon
  99. Muñoz Nelson Reed
  100. Nelly Terpin
  101. Nora Fabbian
  102. Norma Susana Roberts
  103. Omar Daniel Brunskole
  104. Oriana Grillo
  105. Oscar Ramón Muñoz
  106. Pamela S Stop Orellana
  107. Paola Accorinti
  108. Patxi Xabier Lezama Perier
  109. Ramona F Mayol
  110. Raúl Domínguez Serret
  111. Regina Ortiz
  112. Renzo Valentino Crastí Pidarello
  113. Romina Freytes
  114. Romo Nicks
  115. Rosa Armijo
  116. Rossana Münger
  117. Roxana Rignola
  118. Salvador Verna
  119. Sandra Moretti
  120. Sandra N Melo
  121. Stella Cantarelli
  122. Tathyana Aguilar Orozco
  123. Telma Orozco
  124. Thomas A. Poblete Barroso
  125. Tiburcio Marquéz Jeanette
  126. Tina Valdez
  127. Tito Edison Sarmiento
  128. Tomas Andres Pico
  129. Ton Hoo
  130. Valeria Garay
  131. Veronica Padilla
  132. Voloba Artrec
  133. Walter Manuel Vallejo
  134. Wilfrido Andreist
  135. Wisner Pink
  136. Xian Art
  137. Ximena Ruiu
  138. Xiom
  139. Xiomara Schneider
  140. Yi Jun
  141. Yorleny Vega Cruz

In the next installment, we will give certificates to the writers.

Many Thanks

Activity Date
-Launch and early-session Closed
-Official launch of the space in the Metaverse Last July 20 2023
-Publication of selected September 29 2023
-Deadline for payment of the participation rights October 15, 2023
-Official opening of the Fair Virtual December 15 2023
-Closure of the Virtual Fair and publication of 100 artists selected for the commercialization of the -NFT and a physical exhibition in New York City February 15 2024
-A physical exhibition in New York in the framework of the World Congress of Art and Culture. “COMAC” April month of the arts 2024


VR Cambass Museum in the Spatial Metaverse  


The metaverse Spatial is a virtual platform based on the virtual and augmented reality that allows users to interact and collaborate in a shared environment on-line.


Spatial Metaverse provides an immersive experience in which users can create and customize online avatars to represent themselves in the virtual space. Through the devices of virtual reality, or simply using a web browser, users can explore and participate in three-dimensional environments, interact with other users, communicate via voice chat, and collaborate on projects or virtual activities.

This platform promotes the idea of a metaverse in which people can connect and interact in a virtual environment beyond the physical limitations of the real world. Users can participate in virtual events, attend conferences, conduct meetings, work, watch movies, play video games and perform a wide range of social activities and entertainment.

The metaverse Spatial is becoming a space pop-up for the interaction and collaboration online, and is gaining popularity in different fields, from entertainment to education and business collaboration. It offers a new way of connectivity and digital experience that has the potential to change the way we interact and participate in the online world.

The artists will also have the opportunity to interact with virtual visitors, attend special events, and receive feedback from art critics and other media professionals.

Selection of works to exposure to physical and


A group of experts will have the difficult decision of selecting 100 works to transform them in NFT and will have the opportunity to participate in a major exhibition fisica in the city of New York.

  • There will be a selection of 20 artists to be linked to Art New York Corporation and Cambass Gallery, which will include the promotion and dissemination of their work at international level and the participation in a great exhibition virtual to promote their works in NFT.
  • select three featured artists, which they will offer a virtual exhibition individual in the VR Art New York NFT Gallery. (subject to conditions).

 Note: Up to this point, you have a right to the payment of the $15 dollars in the virtual fair.


A physical exhibition in New York

As part of recognition for your talent and your participation in the virtual fair, the 100 selected artists will have the opportunity to participate in an outstanding a physical exhibition in New York city.


Will be selected in the same way to 100 of writers with his book to engage with his work in this great showcase of the world with the support of large institutions, corporations and associations of literature and journalism of the united States.


This physical exhibition will be held in the framework of the World Congress of Art and Culture (COMAC) in April 2024.

and the works in NFT, will be marketed in the virtual market of digital art and the writers selected to show the world his literary work.


Marketing NFT:

NFT generated from the selected works will be offered for sale on our virtual marketplace exclusive for buyers and traders of digital art NFT.

The transactions will generate commissions, of which 40% will go to the organization of the event, and the remaining 60% is given to the artist, after deducting transaction costs.


To participate in this exhibition, physical, for artists and writers, it will require the payment of an additional fee of $150 for each work and writer selected. 

This fee will include:

– Right of participation in the physical event in the city of New York.

– Right of commercialization of the work in NFT and books writers.

– High quality print on canvas of the work selected for visual artists.

– International certificate of participation.


Note:  The work NFT must be in printed format, since that transform it to this digital format is to generate some changes in the image, to make it more competitive among the NFT already existing in the market.


The normal price of participation in the exhibition face to face in New York city, to artists who do not participate in the International Fair of Art Metaverse 2023, is $350.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting event art in the metaverse! Send your images and register today for the International Fair Art Metaverse 2023. Explore new frontiers and share your creativity with the world.
Sacale provecho the maximum display your art in a virtual environment innovative, connect with a global audience, and potentially form part of a physical exhibition in New York.


  • 84 countries
  • 2400 cities
  • More than 2000 artists participating in our platform