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María Esther Zanatta

Maria Esther Zanatta

He was born on August 22, 1961 in Peru

He has currently lived in the United States for eighteen years, obtaining American citizenship.

She is a painter, digital art designer, photographer, writer, image consultant, jewelry and fashion designer.

She dabbled in painting since she was little, skillfully painting landscapes, faces, abstracts and contemporary art.

Maria Zanatta’s talent has been recognized before a global audience with several awards and recognitions.

He participated in more than 250 physical and virtual exhibitions.

In countries such as Spain, Hungary, Venice, Madrid, India, Pakistan, Italy, Rome, Morocco, Paris, Greece, South Korea, New York, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil.



  • December 2023 Diploma in Philosophy Edutyn Academy USA
  • July 2022 Diploma in Human Rights Consulting

USIDRH American Academy of Diplomacy and Human Rights

  • January 2019 Electronic Commerce

Complutense University of Madrid

  • October 2018 Digital Marketing

Open University


  • June 2019 MFL FashionSCHOOL


Title: Image Advisor and Personal bShopper

Title: Fashion and Jewelry Designer

  • January 2018 ENEB European Business School of Barcelona

human Resources

Barcelona, ​​Spain



  • February 2023 third place, Competition on the Effiel Tower France

CIESART International Chamber of Writers and Artists

Based in Spain, Peru, Switzerland and France

  • November 2023: Medal of Merit awarded by jury member Daniela Rossi at the 9th Festival at the Geoje Museum in South Korea.

.•June 2023 Third place Contest En Rosso Associazione Culturale

Narda Martínez Pittrice

Verese Italy

  • March 2023 Third Place International Biennial Ivopoa
  • March 2023 Costanza Foundation

Artistic Career Award

  • December 2022 Third place Tongmyong University South Korea
  • December 2022 Diamond Award

Mostafa Sadek Global Art Egypt

Climate change call

  • December 2022

Eyes of the World Gallery

Lives in Paris

Honorable Mention

  • December 2022 ECIRA International

Tucumán Argentina

absolute freedom

Honorable Mention







  • January 2024 India Golden Time Talent India
  • January 2024 Art I Konte “Infinito” Mexico
  • January 2024 Aries Gallery “The Color of Creativity”


  • January 2024 Mexico United for Peace “The art of peace” Mexico
  • June 2023 Vision Media Art exhibition Fredoom Time Square New York

. •June 2023 Vision Media Art “No borders” New York

  • November 2023 Zeitgeist Art International

“Fair season” Kaharta India

  • November 2023 Associazione Culturale Narda Martínez concorso” In Rosso”

Verese Italy

  • September 2023 BIEAF Change to Eco Busan Korea
  • September 2023 Gallery Generoso Vella Adetto Stampa

I’ll mío  World Rome Italy

  • October 2023 BIAF “International Contemporary Art” Festival Tongmyong University

South Korea

  • September 2022 Venice Art Gallery- “Along the Silk Road Marco Polo”- Venice Italy